"Lauren Eisenberg is a phenomenal yoga teacher. With a combination of deep intuition and a profound wealth of knowledge, she understands how to gently coax the body into healing and rejuvenating itself. I have studied with Lauren for several years, and every class with her feels like the first class, where I come away with a new perspective and the bliss of being stretched into complete relaxation. She is able to tailor classes to every skill level and finds the perfect balance between ease and effort, in which you are challenged but only in ways that serve your body, not injure it. Her eye for alignment is like no other yoga teacher; she is not there to contort you but to find that honest edge in which your body opens naturally. She offers wisdom in a down-to-earth, common-sense way; like her yoga teaching, it finds its way gently into your consciousness without pushing. My class with Lauren is a high point of my week; I look forward to it and would not miss it!"
~ Jillian



"Lauren is by far the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had! Instead of trying to mold me into some ideal pose that is unattainable for my body, she works right where I am and helps me get in the posture that’s just right for me.  She also really helps us connect the mind, body and breath, which to me is true yoga.  And best of all, she does it with a light heart, a big smile and a lot of fun!  I would highly recommend Lauren and her yoga classes!”
~ Elise

"Lauren is one of the few yoga teachers, out of the many I've met, that truly understands the heart of yoga. I think she is able to communicate yogic philosophy so well with her students because she quite obviously lives it in her daily life. She is especially adept at helping students attain the mental clarity and focus that comes with earnest practice and a bit of expert guidance. Her classes are always enjoyable and at the same time build up heat and make you sweat. I always leave her classes feeling better than before and also more peaceful and happy. A fantastic teacher for yogis of all ages and abilities!"
~ Fay
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"Lauren is a healer disguised in a yogi’s body.  Every experience I’ve ever had working with Lauren has brought healing to every part of me: mind, body, emotions and spirit. She is a gift to the world!"
~ Elizabeth