Praise for Seed to Health

Thank you a million for the infrastructure during that cleanse!! This is definitely the most effective cleanse I've ever done on many levels.  One of the biggest ways is how I feel it affecting my daily life. The balanced eating and holistic self care that I cultivated over the last week has not gone away.   Thank you so much!  I am just so grateful to you- I haven't felt so grounded and radiant in a while.  Such a noticable difference how clean eating and honoring of our physical body temple makes.  And such an accessible thing.  Loved your recipes!!  Your cleanse really made me realize how accesible it is to feel good and treat ourselves well.  It doesn't have to be a drastic unreachable goal, as I've often made the concept of cleansing and healthy eating in the past.  Thank you for that.

I have hired Seed to Health several times- for Cally’s amazingly comprehensive cleanses, personal health coaching, and prenatal advice. Cally listens deeply to your needs, and knows just how to help you start improving your vitality starting with where you are now. She is compassionate and patient, truly wanting her clients to experience radiant health. She has a gift for believing in people, and that makes it easier to believe in your innate ability to initiate positive habits for your health. She also carries with her an incredible amount of practical knowledge about food, nutrition, cooking, and motherhood. Seed to Health is my source for progressive, in-depth knowledge about nutrition and prenatal care, as well as amazingly delicious recipes that I keep returning to again and again! Highly recommended.
~ Amanda Verdery Young

Seed to Health has great recipes, great plans, vegetarian or not. You feel lighter and energized, put off weight, but do not feel hungry.
~ Carolina


Cally is a great holistic nutritionist. She has offered seasonal cleanses in the past and I did a fall, winter, spring and summer and they were all great. They were food based cleanses, not fasting cleanses. Definitely Ayurvedic principles involved, yummy recipes, and she can tailor it to your specific tastes. She helped me in my third trimester to find some simple foods that would work since I was uncharacteristically not hungry and nothing sounded good for most of my pregnancy.