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Yoga Therapy is a holistic approach to healing.  Each session, we will work to improve your function, from the physical body to the workings of the mind. Thus understanding and treating the root cause of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, injuries, stress, various sleep issues, disease, dysfunction, and other day to day challenges you would like to overcome.

Yoga is a low-risk, high yield means of treatment. Research shows that yoga is an ideal complement to other forms of medical treatment. 


Thorough Functional Assessment; Focusing on client's needs. My job is to understand why you have come in to see me, and determine what I can do to support and help you feel better.

Not only will you feel better during and after our sessions together, you will have the tools to continue healing at home. 

Our sessions are sustainable, meeting you exactly where you are at, providing resources that are cumulative and powerful catalysts for change. 

Therapeutic yoga sequences are taught and practiced, each time we meet. These sequences will change each and every time we have a session, and I will prepare a follow up treatment plan for every session, so you do not have to worry about remembering or writing everything down.  

Your job is simply to show up. The combination of functional assessment, appropriate hand's on adjustments, therapeutic yoga sequences, and educational resources are all combined in a session to provide much needed relief, repair, and optimal health.

Semi-private Yoga Sessions Available

Semi-Private Yoga Sessions are great for groups of two - four people.

Much like a private yoga therapy session, semi private sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs. Practice and implement optimal self care, with sequences designed to meet you where you are at, in a small group setting.