Weekly menu + breakfast jam

Simple, yet extra nourishing breakfast here.


That yerba mate isn't just mate, it has some dried shiitake mushrooms in it (thanks Choice Teas) AND a big spoonful of molasses for a deeper taste and a nice dose of iron. 

That sandwich, toasted GF New Cascadia bread, smeared with sunflower butter, 2 T ground flax and pepper jammy jam. A PBJ suitable for busy a mama!

A few little upgrades make a classic tea & toast breakfast into something delicious & nourishing.

This week's menu


Huevos rancheros frittata (such a winner!)

Pasta with chicken, snap peas and fresh herbs (used Barillas veggie penne, so pretty & tasty)

Lemony leeks with garbanzo beans & kale

Enchiladas with wild rice

Peach cucumber salad

Roasted red pepper soup