Spring Whole-foods Cleanse


Spring Whole-foods Cleanse



+A spring cleaning menu protocol with 20+ seasonally inspired recipes & beverages

+A chance to crowd out common inflammatory foods such as corn, dairy, gluten, soy and more. 

+A constructive look at your relationship to food, energy levels & sleep cycles

+Journal prompts & inspiring passages to keep your momentum going

+Access to simple exercises & self care practices to do at home

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This Spring, the season of new beginnings, offers us a time to shed the reserve layers we acquired during the fall and winter months. Spring inspires renewal and clean clear energy for all that is on the horizon for this season and beyond.

In yogic philosophy building tapas (heat) melts the layers of one’s habitual patterns, and deeply imbedded conditioning. By working specifically with our edge of resistance, we can melt old patterns and make space for new patterns to emerge.

Seed to Health's whole foods cleanse is designed to cultivate a deeper connection to you intuition on how to deepen your self care practices. Ease in, share, commit and build your intuition, kitchen skills and recipe collection.

This protocol is accessible to someone who hasn't ever cleansed or to a seasoned cleanser (I'll be doing this cleanse right along with you).

Cleanse packet will be released (via email) on April 16th, there will be a short ease on and ease of time, with guidelines and 5 day cleanse menu. Over the course of the week you'll receive emails covering a variety of topics related to cleansing, self care and making lasting changes.

All questions welcome! Don't hestiate to ask