Nutritional Widsom

Weekly menu + breakfast jam

Simple, yet extra nourishing breakfast here.


That yerba mate isn't just mate, it has some dried shiitake mushrooms in it (thanks Choice Teas) AND a big spoonful of molasses for a deeper taste and a nice dose of iron. 

That sandwich, toasted GF New Cascadia bread, smeared with sunflower butter, 2 T ground flax and pepper jammy jam. A PBJ suitable for busy a mama!

A few little upgrades make a classic tea & toast breakfast into something delicious & nourishing.

This week's menu


Huevos rancheros frittata (such a winner!)

Pasta with chicken, snap peas and fresh herbs (used Barillas veggie penne, so pretty & tasty)

Lemony leeks with garbanzo beans & kale

Enchiladas with wild rice

Peach cucumber salad

Roasted red pepper soup


Kid approved green smoothie

Long weekends call for slow mornings. No doubt I am excited about the school year starting back up next week, but this morning I slept in until 8:30, got up made smoothies, then breakfast burritos/bowls and am finally sitting down to some work at 10:30.

Going with the flow feels so good on a Monday morning.

The structure and routine of school will be good for both my daughter and I to get back into. This summer, without as much structure, and lots of travel we tended to eat meals at different times, based on our sometimes loose, sometimes well planned days. As many of us have noticed, kids do like some structure, they like to know what to expect. It makes them feel safe while they are learning about EVERYTHING.

The expanding minds of our children need an array of whole foods to keep them grounded, growing and good. I get so frustrated when it seems like ALL my daughter wants is fruit and carbs, she does not want things mixed together and ketchup, she wants it on anything savory.

I have to remember that this is just a phase. We model good eating around her, and ask her to try stuff before she knocks it. Remembering back to the first 3 years of how well she ate, I gain a sense of relief.

Smoothies are a great vehicle to get some extra nutrition into ourselves and kids. I love smoothies because they are quick, easy and I can make them a proper meal with the addition of some protein, fat and fruit. I've been making smoothies for years and my family told me today that this is one of the best ever. So well worth sharing.


1 ripe mango

1 ripe banana

3 T Collagen (Hydrolysate)

1 t cardamom

1 1/2 cup of cashew milk

1 date

3 T chia seeds

5 leaves of kale

Pop everything into a blender and blend on high until smooth(ie). Add more liquid for desired consistency.