Spring's Energy

To begin again; the start of the cycle. Daylight shifts and hope is renewed. Spring offers a chance to reignite what it is we love to do. There is a huge shift in the produce that's available; greens are back in the markets and their natural bitterness is a gift to our liver- a vital organ anciently associated with Spring. The sight of tender greens, whether in our yards or on our plates, nourishes the soul through eyes and taste buds, reminding us that it is time to cleanse ourselves of heavier emotions and energies. Plans & ideas begin to take form as the pace of life picks up; it's time to believe in our higher visions. The colors and scents rejuvenate, filling us with a new sense of our own tender yet hearty vitality. With clean eating, time spent outdoors enjoying the fresh, fragrant air, and a rejuvenation of physical activity, we can approach this season with a lighter, clearer heart.

Seasonal Sensations

: asparagus, fennel, mustard greens, baby turnips, arugula, sprouts, leeks, lemons, oranges, fiddleheads, artichokes, rhubarb, rosemary, thyme, strawberries, tarragon

Spring Cooking

: Focus on quicker preparations such as light steaming and high heat sauteing or grilling.

Spring Table

: Explore our Spring Recipes! 

Spring Break for Spring Cleaning: A Whole Foods Cleanse

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